Springtime So Far On The Farm

What a wonderful time of year, it's certainly beginning to warm up which means that for the sheep they can be let lose out into the fields once again... providing they have lambed ofcourse. On the inevitable wet days we make sure we check each and every one of them, especially the lambs making sure that they are as dry as possible and that they have a nice full belly of milk, giving us confidence that their growing in the right direction!
We currently have 9 lambs on the bottle; we use a 'shepherdess' which is an incubated bucket filled with milk that keeps the milk warm (as if from the ewes). This means that we don't need to go out every 4 hours with a fresh bottle of milk. 

In other news, the eggs have come out of the incubator and have all hatched! We have eight lovely looking chicks for you to see at the open day on Saturday(!).


On the education side of things we've now got a bath outside of the bluebell room ready to be planted with herbs so that we can cook with them!

We are SO EXCITED for the open day on Saturday!
Please do come and join us, we will be doing all sorts; holding chicks, holding lambs, looking at farm machinery relative to this time of year, an Easter egg quiz hunt, meeting Jason the horse, decorating Easter eggs and more.... of course there will be tea and coffee!...




Posted on March 31, 2016 .