The New Honesty Box

Hello There! 

As most of you will be aware, we sell our very own delicious eggs, laid by our healthy, happy hens every day. These eggs are collected and boxed, dated (giving you around 3 weeks to consume them), and then housed at the top of our lane in The Honesty Box

Recently, the original Honesty Box started to become a little shabby, too small in fact, and therefore we needed to find a replacement. The box was a recycled laying box from an old coup we were dismantling and worked well for the small demand that we had at the time... However, things progressed (Thankfully!)

So I set about designing a new one. The sketches were very rough, not a lot to them at all, but in my head I had it all planned out... well, the legs anyhow... 
On the farm we always seem to have a bit of useful spare wood stored up, so I delved in to that to see what I could find. Surely enough, I managed to salvage just the right pieces that I felt would work best for the new design. l built it up over a few days, learning as I went along. It was a great little project. Once I felt it was complete enough, I started sanding and coating it with protection. I felted the roof, and finally added the sign writing on the door 'Honesty Box', and a little side note with prices. A finished 100% recycled and hand built construction!

A thoroughly enjoyable project. It now sits proud at the top of our lane in the exact spot the old one did, so you won't miss it! The fresh eggs are still only £1.20 a box!

A little update on our hens regarding the Avian Influenza H5N8 situation (Bird Flu)...  We are taking all the steps as advised by the government (DEFRA - Department for Food, Environment, and Rural Affairs) and seem to have no problems what so ever. Our hens are as happy as they can be, with fresh water and grass every day along with their usual feed routine. They are still laying very well, and as far as we are aware our eggs are still perfectly fine for consumption. 

So there you have it, the new Honesty Box.
We'll see you at the top our the lane!

Posted on February 8, 2017 .