Exciting Farm News

Exciting changes are happening on the farm and we would like to keep you up to date with all that is going on. 

Farm Education

The latest on the farm education side of things is that a launch night for teachers has been set, on the 8th of October we will officially launch Greatworth Hall Farm Education Centre for local schools initially. We will then shortly follow with an open day for the general public (more information to follow).  Also, the sinks are in! We now have 2 child height sinks ready for action in a nice, peaceful garden setting next to the bluebell room. Watch this space for more information on the garden area...

The New Agricultural Building

The new agricultural building on the right as you come down the lane is going up fast, it now has a roof and will soon have a concrete floor and cladding on the sides. The building's purpose will be to hold machinery, to store hay and straw and to bed sheep in the winter. We may even use it to store some extra grain if the space is needed for that. 


The oil seed rape harvest is mostly done with just 2 small fields left that we will do as we harvest the wheat. It is an exciting time of year with long hours and tractors and trailers bombing around on the roads to get the grain back before needing to be refilled - it may not look like we're bombing around to other road users but it feels like it to us! The wheat harvest is predicted to start next week we're keen to get it underway now and have a team full of enthusiastic helpers!


We recently purchased 25 theaves (sheep 18months old) which we will breed with this autumn. We are hoping to lamb a bit earlier this time around so breeding season will start in early October. We are looking to buy a further 25 breeding sheep to take our flock up to the 100 mark. We have also kept back some of our own lambs to breed with next year...the flock grows....


Nathan has recently designed a logo for 'Jane's kitchen' catering. The catering for the offices continues and Jane has even ventured into some cooked breakfasts for builders on site this week. 

Jane's Kitchen Logo-02.jpg

Hens and Eggs

The honesty box is full! We have been struggling to keep up with demand for the eggs in the honesty box but do not fear, we have bought 18 more hens! This means there are plenty of eggs around, so continue to drop in as you drive past and pick up a box or two.

Posted on August 14, 2015 .