The 4 strands are the main areas of the farm that the education centre will target

Hens and Eggs

The Sheep

The hens and eggs are a lovely enjoyable part of the farm which children will love to get hands on with, activities learning about the hens and eggs include;

  • The life cycle of a hen
  • Hatching baby chicks
  • Learning to recognise if an egg is for eating or hatching
  • Collecting eggs from the hen house
  • Using eggs to cook with
  • Care for hens
  • Key hen vocabulary

The sheep are a key part of the farm at Greatworth Hall.
In learning about the sheep children will discover new things such as;

  • The life cycle of a sheep
  • The shepherd's calendar
  • What wool is like and it's uses
  • Weighing and comparing lambs
  • Care for sheep and lambs
  • Measuring out food for sheep
  • Key shepherd vocabulary

Arable (Crops)


Jane's garden is a beautiful spot on the farm next to the hen pen. In it she has a poly tunnel where potted plants are looked after and a garden shed full of useful tools, in the garden children will learn; 

  • How to care for plants and the land
  • Specific garden vocabulary
  • To identify different plant types
  • Seasonality of food
  • How to take cuttings of plants
  • How to make compostable plant pots
  • Cooking with grown produce

As the majority of Greatworth Hall is arable land we have huge opportunities for children to learn about where staple foods come from, some of what they'll learn include; 

  • The arable calendar
  • Crop rotation
  • What is grown here and it's uses
  • Soil types
  • Where grain is stored
  • The importance of checking moisture of harvested crops
  • Comparing new machinery and farming techniques to old
  • Looking at farming around the world