The Sheep Is Where Rosie Is Mainly Involved And Is Something She Is Looking To Expand

...We believe that locally produced, grass fed lamb tastes the best...

Currently we have approximately 250 breeding ewes which are a mixture of 4 breeds; Mules, Texel x Mule, Suffolk x Mule and Romneys.  The sheep graze the permanent pasture on the farm as well as some grass leys that we take around the arable rotation. In order for the sheep system to benefit the farm as a whole, we'll need to increase the flock in the near future.

The majority of lambs are either sold via a local livestock market or go to an abattoir that specialises in export. However, we do supply a number of fresh lamb to friends and acquaintances and of course YOU, on our Produce Page for the freezer either as a whole lamb or half depending on preference. One of our aims is to increase the amount of farm sold produce as we believe that locally produced grass fed lamb tastes best and we find that many people want to be assured of how their meat has been produced.