Not Only Do We Produce High Quality Grain For The Nations Bread And Cereal Sector But We Also Carefully Rear Delicious, Tender Lamb, And Wonderful Fresh Eggs

Key dates for buying Greatworth Hall Eggs:

- All Year Round -

It's always great for us to hear your stories of how much you enjoy eating our tasty eggs with super yellow yokes. As the  winter months draw near and the weather gets colder and damper the hens become less partial to laying. This may mean that less eggs are available at certain times of the year. We do knock the sign down at the top of the lane when the hens aren't laying so well. However, we may still have a box or two left over, so if there are none in the honesty box at the top of the lane, feel free to ask us if there are any elsewhere. Generally, however, there should be plenty to go around.

Our eggs are dated and boxed ready for you to collect any time you choose.


Key dates for buying Greatworth Hall Lamb:

- September - February -

The tender, juicy and most delicious lamb reared here at Greatworth Hall reflects our hard work throughout the spring and summer months managing our sheep flock. Once the ewes have lambed we work with them on developing the lambs to the very best standard that we can, journeying through a detailed, law abiding process that helps maintain the best class of life a budding lamb can have, meaning that the quality within the meat is preserved.

We offer boxed lamb ideal for eating fresh and for home freezing. These boxes are available with either half of a lamb or with a whole lamb depending on your preference.


If you would like to get in contact with us regarding any of our produce then please don't hesitate to head down the page to find our Contact details where plenty of information is provided for you to get in touch.